Sep 242011

There is a new way to have fun with Amateur Radio’s National Traffic System.  Find yourself a Pen Pal !


A new Yahoo! Group has been formed where you can submit your name and callsign to a database to become a Pen Pal participant.  Other members could pick you to be their NTS Pen Pal, and you can do the same.  To join, visit this Yahoo! Group:


A brief description from the NTSPenPal group:

The purpose of the NTS pen pal program is to gain new friends within amateur radio through the national traffic system. This traffic flow will become a consistent path through the NTS. To get started go to the database page to place your name, call letters, city, & state in order to get on the Pen Pal list. To gain a new pen pal simply look through the list and choose an area of the United States you would like to correspond with someone. Write a radiogram message to the individual you choose, inviting them to be your NTS pen pal. Next, just bring your traffic to any traffic net of your choice.

You will need to wait for an administrator of the Yahoo Group to approve your membership with the group.  I hope this will be an interesting way to get more amateur radio operators to participate in the National Traffic System program.


Phil / w2lie
Nassau County VHF Traffic Net Manager