Apr 202011

K2TV is now operational as a Digital Relay Station on HF winlink representing the New York City/Long Island section.

A message from K2TV:

I will be receiving NLI traffic via the W2SFD Pactor MBO.  Hopefully this will expedite traffic in and out of NLI.
WB2FTX is putting me in for a Digital Relay Station appointment. We are still in the process of organizing the Suffolk County VHF traffic net and will be running the W2EAG Trafic Handling Course on the air once it starts.

N 2NFI/R on 145.370 (136.5 PL) and the W2GSB/R ON 223.860 (156.7 pl) will be used connected via IRLP.
Monday, Wednsday and Friday at 7:15 PM are the tentative beginning times and frequencies.
Anyone interested please contact K2TV at k2tv@arrl.net